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BOBO CHOSES I Blue Poma allover T-shirt


This blue Poma T-shirt from Bobo Choses is part of the permanent Iconic collection of the brand.
It is light, perfect for summer. Its composition in recycled and organic cotton ticks all the boxes.

The Iconic collection by Bobo Choses is entirely designed and developed with a strong ecological aim.
Reinterpreting the iconic patterns of the brand, it is made of recycled fabrics (unsold pieces from previous collections, scraps of fabrics from the production process, worn articles of clothing brought back by customers…) and organic cotton. Dyes are from natural origin. To produce this collection, vs a conventional collection, there is: less water consumption (-70% thanks to the natural dye, from vegetal and mineral origin), a reduced CO2 footprint, less energy consumption.

80% organic cotton / 20% recycled cotton. Made in Spain.

Size advice: Bobo Choses runs rather large (about 1 size above standard French sizes). The 2-3Y size fits until 4 years old, the 4-5Y until 6 years old and so on, except if your child is tall for his age.



BOBO CHOSES is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona. Their collections are playful, with strong colors and patterns that evoke childhood.
The brand has a strong commitment, both social and ecological, through its production (based in Barcelona) and its fabrics (organic or recycled cotton).
Within their collections, I’ve chosen to focus on theirpermanent Iconic collection, made only with organic cotton and recycled cotton from previous collections (unsold pieces, scraps of fabric left from the production process, articles of clothing already worn and brought back by customers). The pieces are dyed naturally, with dyes from vegetal and mineral origin. The impact: less water consumption (-70% thanks to natural dyeing vs conventional dyeing), reduced CO2 footprint, less energy consumption.
This collection reinterprets best-selling patterns from the brand as a gift to all Bobo Choses fans.

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