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EMILE ET IDA I Embroidered Cherry Bonnet


We love this pretty Emile and Ida bonnet with a cherry motif, which was made by hand using the artisanal “blockprint” technique.
The “blocks” are hand-engraved wooden stamps. You need a different stamp for each color of the pattern. After having spread the fabrics on long wooden tables, each color is applied by hand, one after the other. This technique requires a lot of precision.
The bonnet is edged with fine cotton lace, and decorated with embroidery representing a bird tasting cherries, perched on a branch. It can be tied under the chin thanks to its two ties.
Made in India.



EMILE ET IDA is a French brand, created in 2010 by Delphine. Thus are born joyful collections, in comfortable and easy-to-wear fabrics, as much for special occasions (“happy days”) as for everyday life.⁠

90% of the collections are produced in Portugal, which has real knitwear expertise. A small part of the collections is made in India, in a workshop with a “block print” expertise, this incredible traditional craft technique allowing to print a fabric by hand with a carved block of wood. An art that requires experience and precision.⁠

At Emile and Ida, respect for working conditions (environment, hours, wages) and honesty are values that are particularly important. The workshops are visited in person several times a year, and telephone appointments with the workshops punctuate the daily life of the brand.⁠

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