ENFANCE PARIS I Eau de Toilette 50ml


Finally, we offer you the Eau de Toilette Enfance Paris with which we perfume all our orders!
We chose it for its delicate and elegant fragrance as well as for its impeccable composition.
Its fragrance is pure, luminous and reassuring. To offer and to offer oneself.

In the top note, Italian Bergamot, luminous like the first rays of the sun.
In the heart note, orange blossom, soft and soothing.
In the base note, White Musk and Ambrette evoke the tenderness and warmth of a mother’s arms.

This Eau de Toilette is formulated without dyes, without parabens, without phenoxyethanol, without diethyl phthalate and has not been tested on animals.

Made in France. Shipping within the European Union only.

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Enfance Paris is a young French cosmetics brand, dedicated to babies and children. All the brand’s products are made in France and each formula is developed in an eco-responsible way: at least 99% natural ingredients; sourcing of essential oils, floral waters, vegetable butters and organic active ingredients; recyclable packaging…

The brand has a real commitment to the choice of formula ingredients and in particular to endocrine disruptors. This is the reason why all the ingredients on the “grey list” (potential risk but ingredient still authorized in the EU) are excluded from the formulas, so as not to take any risk for the health of our children.

The Enfance Paris range is vegan and cruelty free. No ingredient from the animal world is present in the formulas. None of the formulas are tested on animals.