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RADUGA GREZ | Apartment Building Blocks set


This Raduga Grez wooden construction set will allow your child to imagine all kinds of houses, with its stairs, arches, roofs and doors. All toys were crafted and painted one by one by hand. Colors are soft and natural. A wooden base allows you to store the game but also to imagine your house inside, high up.

Solid wood. Water-based ecological paint.

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Raduga Grez is a Russian brand that crafts beautiful wooden toys inspired by the beauty of nature in its family workshop.

The brand chose linden wood to make most of the toys because it is light and strong. It comes from Russia, not far from the workshop, and the brand has decided to buy wood considered as “impossible to sell” because it bears traces, in an ecological approach. These traces look natural, like moles or freckles, that make them unique. All toys are crafted, polished and painted by hand. The toys are not varnished so that children can feel the wood when they play.

Raduga Grez‘s approach is deeply artistic, ethical and ecological.

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